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February 2018

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Current Issue

Stylin’ Charlies: JT Mega Shops for Photo

The key is to have more than one pomegranate or branch of longans at the ready. You never know when the “star” will start to wilt—or be rotten to the core—and you’ll need the understudy to quickly step in.

From the Editor: How the Charlie Finalists Were Chosen

One of the things we heard from several sources as we dove into organizing this year’s event is that the community wanted more transparency on how the finalists are chosen. So here’s the scoop!

Server Speak: What is Your Restaurant Doing for the Super Bowl?

Server Speak: What is Your Restaurant Doing for the Super Bowl?

Culinary Curiosities: Why on Feb. 18 we Celebrate Drinking Wine

Ok, now that Dry January is in the rear-view mirror, February is looking up. National Drink Wine Day (February 18) is right on time.

News Briefs

Readers of Foodservice News don’t often get to see Iris Page in front of the camera, since she’s normally the one taking pictures and notes for our Server Speak feature.

Opinion: How Chefs Cope in a Sexually Charged Kitchen

When I first read "Kitchen Confidential" during its release year in 2000, the book convinced me that I could never work in a restaurant, in spite of the fact that I already had a fairly successful personal cooking and catering business of my own.

Roots for the Home Team Procures 8 Salads

Nine teams gathered on a cold Saturday morning in January to develop the recipes for eight salads and one soup the four groups will take turn selling at the Twins baseball games this year.

Cooking’s an Art at That Cooking School

I don’t know which excited my young reporter-in-training partner more: The purple stove (her favorite color) or being surrounded by other kids in front of canvases with the lightly penciled outline of a cow on them.

Restaurant Openings

Haskell's Wine Bar opened in the former Dunn Bros. spot off Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis. In addition to wine, coffee is on the menu along with food items that pair well with both wine and coffee.

Meet the Charlies Finalists

Narrowing down the Twin Cities food and beverage talent to three finalists in nine categories proved to be much more difficult than finding a convenient parking spot near US Bank Stadium during the Super Bowl.

Foodservice veterans to discuss minimum wage and tip credit

With a new mayor and new city council leadership, St. Paul’s hospitality industry is poised for a year of change.

St Paul Round-up

The owners of Dixie’s, Saji-Ya and Emmett’s restaurants on Grand Avenue were slated to meet with the Summit Hill Association and property neighbors in late January to discuss plans for major mixed-use redevelopment, with apartments above the Grand Avenue mainstays.

Don’t Go to Jail for the Dining Experience

Getting information on corrections kitchens is surprisingly difficult. If not shrouded in secrecy, the business of incarceration foodservice is certainly no bulwark of receptivity, either.

MRA Report: Your Association is Working for You

A popular interview question for journalists to ask is “what keeps you up at night?”

Commodities Report: So Far It’s Been a Lackluster Year

The last month has been relatively lackluster in the food commodity markets. This is due, in a large part, to the bigger than expected domestic corn and soybean harvests this fall.

Buy The Number: Protein-heavy Martina Adds Argentinian Flavor

There are a few chefs in town with the ability to take over an existing restaurant space that didn’t hit its numbers and turn it around. Obviously, the master in this town is Kim Bartmann.

Common Foodsense: Good Cooks Get Their Affairs in Order

Back when I was teaching fresh-faced young culinarians, I used to encourage my students to have affairs.

Hangin’ With Klecko: Tillie’s Farmhouse Is Delicious Destination

Each summer, for over a decade, I have been the soda bread judge at the Irish Fair of Minnesota, an honor I’ve shared with Dick Trotter, the longstanding owner/operator of Merriam Park’s legendary Trotter’s Café.

People to Know and Places to Go

ACF News

Minneapolis Chapter
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