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Server Speak: What is Your Restaurant Doing for the Super Bowl?

Ales Christopherson 
Barista - Northern Coffeeworks
Years in the Industry: 2

Well, we’ll be anticipating serving a lot of beer,
wine and coffee. We are just opening so being
in this area is a whole new experience, so who
knows! The volume of people will be exciting.
We have this machine that can do two pour-overs
at the same time and make four 12-ounce pour-overs
in just five to six minutes.

Darek Stork
Server - Erik the Red 
Years in the Industry: 6

It’s just chaos here. We opened in the middle of the
season, and we’re expecting it to be insane, but
we’re used to it so bring it on. We may be anticipating
being bought out, maybe ESPN? So thank you,
Disney money!

Sydney Olson
Manager - Blarney’s Pub and Grill
Years in the industry: 4.5

We’re excited, it’s going to be busy but it is also
going to be a big unknown. We’ve never had a
Super Bowl! Still the atmosphere will be fun, and
we will be watching the game.

Colin Wilkinson
Bartender - Eastside, Minneapolis
Years in the Industry: 6

I don’t know—I’m leaving the country. 

Henry Cousineau
Host - The Local
Years in the Industry: 1

Really it's exciting more than anything. It'll be
really good business especially considering all
the construction right outside our door on Nicollet
Mall. It should also be a good season so that will also be something to look forward to.


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