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Server Speak: What’s the best tip/compliment you’ve gotten from a customer?

JL Beers

Joe Hovland
Years in the industry: 6 
JL Beers, Minneapolis

Eighty dollars. The best part of that tip was that it was on $35 tab, so pretty decent.

Original Pancake house

Ryan Kahl
Position: Server
Years in the industry: Almost 3
Original Pancake House, Plymouth

This past Saturday I got tipped with a $10 coupon to Champs. I’ve been trying to sell it to the other waiters for $5.

Black Coffee and Waffle Bar

Brian Christensen
Position: Barista
Years in the industry: 1 
Black Coffee and Waffle Bar, Minneapolis

A tiny airplane bottle of Jack Daniels.

John's Pizza Cafe

 Shannon Hageman
Position: Cashier

Years in the industry: 10 
John’s Pizza Cafe, St. Paul

A guy asked me how did I get so positive and I told him I was born with it and he said

Key's Cafe

 Max Collyard
Position: Server
Years in the industry: Since I was 16
Key’s Café & Bakery, Roseville

I sing songs when we close. Some people are here late at night. They say, “you have a great voice, you should be in the opera.” So that’s probably the nicest compliment. 


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