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Server Speak: How Do You Feel About Dogs on the Patio?

David Alstott
Years in the industry: 7 
Billy's on Grand
St. Paul

My feelings are I wish we could have them! I understand why we aren't allowed. There
are health code rules and some people just
don't care for dogs, but I enjoy them. The one
time we get to have dogs on the patio is during
Paws on Grand when all the restaurants with
patios open their spaces to patrons and their
dogs. It's like a weirder Grand Old Days. 

Jordan Holmdahl
Brew assistant
Years in the Industry: 3.5
Bald Man Brewery, Eagan

Personally, I love it. I wish I could pet them
but then I'd have to wash my hands like a
hundred times a day. There was a Husky a
couple weeks ago that was so adorable I must
have walked by it 20 times just to look at it. 

Years in the Industry: 5


I think dogs are more than welcome. If
you don't allow dogs then why do you
have a patio? Dogs are nicer than people
and people who bring their dogs are typically
nicer humans. 

Stephen Frank
Years in the Industry: 6 
Brit's Pub

I say bring ‘em! Dogs are a part of your
family. If my roommates went out to eat and
left me at home, I'd feel pretty sad about it. 

Eric Tissot
Years in the Industry: 16
Corner Coffee Uptown

I love the idea of dogs on the patios, but well-trained. 


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