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March 2016

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Current Issue

Legislative Attention Turns to Tip Pooling

Tipping is at the top of the 2016 legislative agenda for many Minnesota restaurants, and when the 2016 session starts March 8, the Minnesota Restaurant Association will tackle tip pooling specifically.

Rising Chefs Bring Fresh Perspective to Frozen Food

In today’s world of farm-to-table foodservice and restaurants that highlight the origin of every ingredient, frozen foods sometimes get a bad rap.

From Tablet Ordering to Food Delivery, Technology Is Everywhere

I'm a bit of an odd duck when it comes to technology. Especially when compared to my millennial cohort, which is so closely linked to the rapid ascent of all things tech.

Server Speak: What Would You Choose as Your Server Superpower?

What Would You Choose as Your Server Superpower?

News and Noteworthy Around the Twin Cities

The Minnesota Food Truck Association hosted its 2016 Food Trucker Awards in January, honoring the accomplishments of its top trucks and their owners.

Culinary Q&A: Author Stephanie Meyer

A Minneapolis-based food writer, photographer, cooking instructor, and recipe developer, Stephanie Meyer is the creator of cooking and health blog "Fresh Tart."

Chef’s Dish: Matthew Lepisto of Town Hall Brewery

The hectic life of the chef results in a range of personalities among the people who decide to take on the job.

Culinary Curiosities: Girl Scouts and Their Cookies

Girl Scout cookie season comes at the perfect time. Christmas sweets are a distant memory and New Year’s resolutions are truly broken.

Minneapolis ACF Chapter Recognizes Chefs, Culinary Students

Amid courses of lamb sausage cassoulet and smoked beef tenderloin with blackened compound butter and herb potato pavé, the Minneapolis ACF Chapter hosted its annual Chef of the Year Awards Dinner.

Duluth’s Best Bread Duo Combines Product Quality, Slick Branding

Since opening its retail outlet in September, Duluth’s Best Bread appears to be settling into a rhythm.

Chefs Talk Culinary School and Accurate Expectations

If the need for trained cooks is so high, why is demand for culinary education so low? We asked chefs (all of whom are culinary school grads) and educators for their take.

Understanding Restaurant Analytics Helps Turn Data Into Profits

With each page view, menu click, Facebook post and retweet on Twitter, restaurants generate thousands of pieces of data every day.

Restaurant Tablet Wars: May the Best Method Win

Restaurants are testing new ways to speed the ordering process, replacing humans with machines in various permutations.

At Bedlam Theater, Entertainment Comes with Food and Drink

Shakespeare was wrong: All the world is not a stage, so it’s important to have safe harbors like Bedlam for both professionals and newcomers to the Twin Cities art scene to strut and fret their hour-plus onstage.

New Rules Usher Sophisticates Into Restaurant Crowdfunding

Making a donation to a crowdfunding campaign for a preordered gizmo or special restaurant perk is nothing new. But the Kickstarters and IndieGoGos of the world have a sophisticated new relative: equity crowdfunding.

Food On Demand: The Mobile Phenomenon

With the worlds of technology and food colliding at almost every touchpoint, it’s not unreasonable to think humanless delivery could become mainstream in the not-so-distant future.

MRA Report: Keep Up With Changing Laws and Their Impacts

When we survey the members of the Minnesota Restaurant Association and ask them which aspects of our work they find most important and most valuable, the top response is usually the advocacy we do with the legislature, local governments and regulators.

Commodities Report: Low Margins Slow Grain, Protein Growth

The commodity markets have continued to decline during late 2015 as economic challenges in China spook the trade and the U.S. dollar remains firm.

Buy the Numbers: Heirloom Is Neighborhood Fine Dining Done Right

Recent visits to the aptly named Heirloom restaurant at Marshall and Cretin avenues in St. Paul showed me what a true heirloom is: something unique, timeless and that has great variety.

Common Foodsense: Future Cooks Must Live and Breathe the Food World

If your line cooks aren’t aware that an old vine Zinfandel is the perfect wine with a grilled peanut butter sandwich, I have to ask you: why not?

Hangin’ With Klecko: Imagination and Execution Collide at Eggy’s

I hate crossing the ocean, especially just to get breakfast, but I’d been hearing good things about Eggy's so I decided to brave the elements and be adventurous.

Minnesota Brewery News

Minneapolis beer startup Utepils Brewing hired Eric Harper as its head brewer. Harper comes to Utepils from Summit Brewing Company in St. Paul.

People to Know and Places to Go

Join us Tuesday, April 12, when Foodservice News will host its 11th Restaurant Business Summit at Coup d’etat restaurant in Minneapolis.

ACF News

ACF News Minneapolis and Duluth chapters.
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