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Server Speak: Celebrity sightings?

Amber Dunlap & Remi Goetzke
FOH and manager
Years in the industry: 3 months/5 years 
Truce , Saint Paul

Brad Pitt. I would serve him a charcoal lemonade
because he is a vegan and edgy.

I think Lady Gaga could get down with an acai bowl.

Ashley Turner 
Years in the industry: 16
La Cucaracha, Saint Paul

I would love to serve a food celebrity like Gordon Ramsey.
Someone who would be able to appreciate and be a part
of the world of what we do here. We've also had a lot of
local celebrities like Joe Mauer. It would be so cool if Lady
Gaga dropped in because she's playing downtown.

Chloe Goodman 
Years in the industry: 7.5 years
Gyst, Minneapolis

Jeff Goldblum. He’s my celeb crush for sure. Nicki Manaj
would be cool to have a beer with.

Dan Fehnenkamp
Years in the industry: 20 years
Iron Door Pub, Minneapolis

I've served quite a few local celebrities. Kevin Garnett is
a sweetheart. One time we almost got to host the wrap-up
party for that Woody Harrelson movie, Wilson, but I think
they had it at the CC Club instead...but that would have
been cool! I would have liked to have a beer with Woody

Andrew Shoemaker
Manager and Barista
Years in the industry: 5 years
Wesley Andrews Coffee and Conversation 

I made a latte for Bernie Sanders. It was before the election
while he was campaigning here, and he came in wearing
a hoodie and then he left. I didn’t realize who it was until
my co-worker pointed it out to me. He was like, “Do you
know who that was?” and I just replied, “I don’t know
some old guy in a hoodie…?” then he was like, “That was Bernie Sanders!!”-probably one of the coolest things that has happened to me. 


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