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March 2020

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Current Issue

Congrats! 2020 Charlie Awards Coverage

The Charlie Awards, now in its ninth year, is the industry’s celebration of itself. We like to refer to it as the Academy Awards of the local foodservice community, and ironically we were the opening act for the actual Academy Awards later that night.

From the Editor: Thanks to All

I‘ve never believed in participation trophies. But I would be in favor of a three-way tie in all 12 categories.

Server Speak: What’s Your Favorite Pre-shift Meal or Routine?

What’s Your Favorite Pre-shift Meal or Routine?

Creative Ideas, Plus More Winners

Craft & Crew’s dog-friendly locations have served a whopping 30,000 meals to dogs.

Coffee Talk

The next project in the design queue for Shea Inc. is the Dayton’s Project, a food hall in the original Dayton’s space.

A Whale of a Tale About an Extreme Cake Bakery

The Thirsty Whale isn’t a bar, but the bakery did get its name because grandma had a few too many daiquiris on a Caribbean cruise.

Culinary Curiosities: Souffles

Forget everything you think you know about this classic dessert. A soufflé’s ingredients are not particularly expensive and can be nearly anything from berries to beef tongue.

Around Town

Dulceria Bakery closed its doors at the end of February.

Entrepreneur Spreads Word About The Amazing Chickpea

By adding two Minnesota-grown products to his chickpea spread, Sunil Kumar was able to qualify for free consulting services from the state, while making his product taste more like peanut butter.

Institutional Dining: The Rosewood Room and Crowne Plaza Northstar

Back in its heyday the Rosewood Room was a popular spot for both celebrities in the evening and the business crowd for lunch, where diners were privy to a synchronized swimming show with their three-martini lunch.

Do Drive-thru Fates Depend on the Concept?

The battle over restaurant drive-thru service has motored into St. Paul. Thus far in 2020, two requests have met very different fates.

Put Your Hands Together for the Charlies Winners

2020 Charlie Award Winners

Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award

Who better to accept this award than Hospitality Icons Peter Mihajlov and Phil Roberts, the founding partners of Parasole.

Restaurant Openings

The former Mac’s Fish and Chips location on South Snelling Avenue in Macalester-Groveland already has signs up promising a new place called Sweet Spot.

Charlies Entertainment & Hosts

This year the Charlies chose people from the industry to entertain you.

Presenting the Awards…

Made up of sponsors and last year’s winners, the presenters are handed their part of the script an hour or so before the show and given just a few brief moments on stage to practice with the mics.

Dari-Ette’s Missing in Action

The iconic Dari-Ette, the city’s last historic drive-up restaurant, is up for sale with a price of $384,000.

The Charlies Afterparty

Pat Weber from Mise en Place organizes the event with US Foods providing all the ingredients for the food stations, and also manning one.

Hospitality Minnesota Report: 3 Branches Unite

On April 1, 2020, the Minnesota Restaurant Association will join forces with the Minnesota Lodging Association and the Minnesota Resort and Campground Association to become one association known as Hospitality Minnesota.

Commodities Report: Coronavirus Affects Chinese Economy

The commodity markets were under significant downward pressure during the mid-winter due to the coronavirus bringing parts of the Chinese economy to a standstill.

By the Numbers: What to Do When You Run Out of Money

Having enough capital and raising enough capital have always been the thorns in the rose-colored glasses of talented chefs who want to start their own restaurants.

Common Foodsense: Notes From The Charlies

Comfortably slumped in my chair at the Pantages, I was enjoying a video which explained that eating is vulnerable and dangerous when it occurred to me: the Charlies are now a thing.

Hangin’ With Klecko: Meet David Fhima, the Chef

Over the years I have taken pride in my ability to capture a story and tell it in less than 1200 words. However, after leaving my last interview I realized it would be impossible.

Ask the Expert: Tax Breaks for Restaurants

Are there any special tax rules or breaks for restaurants?

Association News: Women Who Really Cook

Meeting notice for members only of Women Who Really Cook, a networking group for women in the foodservice industry.

Events Calendar

Industry events
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