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Server Speak: How Are You Handling the Food Truck Heat?

Loud Mouth Food Truck

Hans Berreau, Ian Cosgrove, Kirk Emerick
Position: Owner and chefs
Years in the Truck:  2  
Loud Mouth Food Truck

Your tolerance builds up. We took the temperature of his body and it was 130 degrees once. That’s when you drink a gallon of water.


Tony Fritz and Ellie Weber
Position: Host
Years in the truck: 2 full years,
3rd season
O’Cheeze Food Truck

We each buy our own giant jugs of water.
Eventually our body just stops sweating.  It’s
15 degrees warmer in here versus outside.
We took the thermometer down because we
didn’t want to know. Denial.

Brava Food Truck

Abu Shik
Position: Manager
Years in the Truck: 6 
Brava Food Truck

August is the worst. We don’t use the fryer, but
it can get up to 120-130 degrees, especially
when it’s humid.

New Bohemia

Kyle Riley
Position: Cook
Years in the Truck: Newbie
New Bohemia Wurst & Bierhaus Food Truck

I haven’t worked the summer yet. We’re talking
about getting a fan.

MidNord Empanada Truck

Phil Gaffney
Position: Owner
Years in the Truck: 5th season

MidNord Empanada Truck

We shade the front windows. Wear shorts, T-shirt and drink lots of water. It’s hard to describe.
Sweaty and sticky? Personally we just push through it.


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