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May 2018

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Current Issue

Vegetable-loving Karyn Tomlinson is Princess of Porc

At just 32, Karyn Tomlinson has already packed a lot of success into her culinary career, and yet she calls herself a late bloomer.

From the Editor: Pass me the cashew brittle

I feel the same way about theater as I do food—while I prefer excellence, I’m OK if it’s mediocre as long as it nourishes me in some way.

Server Speak: Exciting trends in dining

What are some new trends in dining you find most exciting?

News and noteworthy new hires

After the closing of Saint Agnes Baking Co., Danny “Klecko” McGleno, Mike Mitchelson and office manager Dana Ferguson, along with several bakers joined Grandma’s Bakery in White Bear Lake.

Thomasina Petrus evokes Lady Day and grandma’s brittle

Thomasina Petrus is the only person to host both The Charlies and The Iveys, the two local award shows that honor the best in food and drink and theater, respectively.

At Culver’s recruiting never stops

After a team member is hired at Culver’s, recruiting doesn’t stop.

Culinary Curiosities: The origins of restaurants

It’s hard to imagine a time when restaurants weren’t a part of our cultural and social landscape.

Chef’s Dish: The Naughty Greek

After growing up in family restaurant, Chef Angelo Giovanis never imagined opening a restaurant, let alone in Minnesota.

Cochon555 crowns white-hog royalty

The touring pork-washed bacchanal Cochon 555 made its annual trip to Minneapolis in March, showcasing some amazing pigs and incredible chef techniques.

Multi-unit Owners: Comfort food key for Nova Group

With seven restaurants in its portfolio, Nova has perfected the comfort food concept, with each menu offering familiar items with an emphasis on scratch cooking.

Lessons from online restaurant giant, Amazon

Amazon’s Russell Baker gave conference attendees at the Food On Demand Conference in Dallas in March advice on how to be customer obsessed like the large, but nimble, company he works for as general manager of Amazon Restaurants.

Restaurant Openings

The two partners of Handsome Hog aren’t casting pearls before swine with their new collaborative restaurant in Stillwater, Pearl & the Thief, with the team behind LoLo’s American Kitchen.

Surly Brewing case provides guidelines on shared tipping

Tipping has topped the headlines throughout the Twin Cities, with the settlement of a $2.5 million class-action case against Minneapolis-based Surly Brewing Company and in ongoing debate of a $15 minimum wage for St. Paul.

St. Paul area round-up

Lots of longtime restaurants and bars are changing.

Institutional Dining: St. Paul College’s culinary program

Bad boy chefs and line cooks in fast-paced kitchens with a mercenary culture handed down from the brigade system of French fine dining.

MRA Report: Legislators have work left to do

More than 4,000 proposals (8,000 bills because a measure is usually duplicated in the House and Senate) were introduced so far in the two-year session, but only a handful will become law.

Commodities Report: Tough tariff talks

China has raised tariffs on U.S. pork and has threatened to broaden those tariffs to various other products including beef, chicken, durum wheat and soybeans

Buy the Numbers: Hai Hai off to busy start

Hai Hai is in a fairly underdeveloped area at 21st and University, which would normally give rise to lower rents and a need to be a destination.

Common Foodsense: Staying happily employed

A common response to the industry’s capriciousness is to look for the presumed stability of a larger employer.

Hangin’ with Klecko: A cake decorator extraordinaire

After working decades at the same place, with pretty much the same crew, I was about to embark on my next professional chapter in White Bear Lake at Grandma’s Bakery.

Reinhart tackles third-party delivery topic

Consumers’ desire for convenience is a trend that can’t be ignored.

People to Know and Places to Go

Despite the typical late winter storms, US FOODS brought its Food Fanatics Live spring event across the region with stops in Deadwood, Minot, Brainerd and Duluth.

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