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Server Speak: Exciting trends in dining

Annie Thompson
Years in the industry: 2
Everest on Grand, St. Paul

I like the idea of a community table. It makes
serving hard, but as a patron I enjoy meeting
random hungry people.

Chev Arnold
Years in the industry: 9  

Troubador Wine Bar, Minneapolis

 In terms of wine, people’s palates are broadening.
There is also a younger crowd of people coming
into interest and trying new wines and kinds of
grapes from countries you wouldn’t associate
immediately with making wine. It’s cool to go to
other places and see progress in a cool wine list.

Mollie Weatherall
Years in the industry: 4 

Blackeye Coffee , Minneapolis

I think the trend toward community boards in
coffee shops is a really great idea. Especially
in neighborhoods that are changing, it's good to
see the business offer comp drinks to people and
ask higher-wealth customers to pay for people's
drinks. It offers the possibility of spaces that are
more mixed-income.

Mitch Stahlmann
Wait Assistant
Years in the industry: 7
Martina, Minneapolis

I love a good al pastor burrito and oh boy,
does Minneapolis got it going on. Valerie’s
on Nicollet is low key and has the best burrito
you’ll get in town. They give you two big bottles
of different homemade sauces right on the plate.
Second place goes to Maya on Central. They get
brownie points for having a giant selection of salsas
and real good horchata. The bummer end of them
is their popularity, you can’t go there starving.

Nigel Carleton
Years in the industry:  8
Penny’s Coffee, Minneapolis

We try to both surprise and impress people with
the things we incorporate in our menu. We’re one
of the only places that uses activated charcoal in
their drinks, which has a lot of health and detoxifying
benefits. It looks really cool in the drinks, too. We’re
also a part of the renaissance of frozen yogurt.
We’ll be selling some interesting flavors this summer.
One flavor we played around with uses olive oil and kale chips in the recipe.


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