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Server Speak: Who Do You Think Deserves a Charlie Award?

Happy Gnome

Michelle Casalli
Position: Server 
Years in the industry: 7 
The Happy Gnome
St. Paul

Happy Gnome's very own Charles Lovejoy.
He is consistently creating innovative and
delicious cocktails for the Gnome. He makes
bold choices with new ingredients and often
adds exciting tweaks to old favorites. His dedication
to developing the Gnome's Bloody Mary mixes had
made the Sunday Bloody Mary bar a stand out among

Smack Shack

Jackson Grengs
Position: Server/Bartender
Years in the industry: 27 
Smack Shack

Jacko Tierney at Manny's is the best bartender next
to the kid. Next to me.

Bachelor Farmer

Leah Muhm
Position: Barista
Years in the industry: 8 
Bachelor Farmer Cafe

Cheyenne Broughton, the pastry chef from Handsome
Hog. It's really rare when the dessert upstages everything.


Derek Prestley
Position: Server
Years in the industry: 10

Bachelor Farmer. I've never had a bad experience—
their servers are among the most knowledgeable in

Hell's Kitchen

Drew Janda
Position: Host
Years in the Industry: 10 
Hell’s Kitchen

Pat Kern from Hell's Kitchen. On weekend brunches
and dinners, the kitchen will cook meals for 500 to
700 people during a shift. And Pat is the executive
chef that keeps everyone together. He'll jump behind
the line to make sure everything gets out right and he
seldom gets frazzled. But really all the people behind the line deserve it, if I can add that addendum. 


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