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Server Speak: What Are You Thankful For When You Work on Thanksgiving?

Kimberly Boyd 
Position: Server/Cook/Baker/Management
Years in the industry: 1 1/2
Tao Natural Foods, Minneapolis

I look at Thanksgiving as a day of giving. It’s a day
to emphasize the importance of putting others
before yourself, which is something you already
have to do regularly in the service industry. Working
on Thanksgiving doesn’t bother me too much because I see it as a way to practice that.

Jordan Condie 
Position: Bartender/Server
Years in the industry: 10
Bar Luchador, Minneapolis

I enjoy it because you’re sort of family
with the people who are dining on holidays.
Everyone is in a great mood and they welcome
you into their good time. Plus a lot of people
who come in and dine on the holidays are
out-of-towners so they don’t have a lot of family
around for the holidays — I mean it sucks to not
be with your own family, but you get to be a part of someone else’s.

Brad Hall 
Position: Manager
Years in the industry: 30
Cecil's, St. Paul

Having a job. It's always an exciting day. I'm thankful that we stay busy!

Jordan Anderson 
Position: Host and server
Years in the industry: 2

I just stay thankful that Tim the manager
gave me this opportunity. I didn't have a
lot of experience going into this job, but
he took me under his wing and I'm thankful
to everyone at the restaurant for making me
feel more comfortable here.

Phineas Fittipadli 
Position: Owner
Years in the industry: 4
Troubador, Minneapolis

I'm thankful because I get to be a part of
the wine industry, which is a pretty cool
thing to be a part of in Minneapolis. It's the
most rewarding job I've ever had and it's
the most fun I've ever had. 


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