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November 2018

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Current Issue

Be the Best or at Least Better: Tips From the Pros

In keeping with our editorial calendar which calls for “Tips from the Pros” this month, we’re offering curated advice from event planning to marketing to operations to how to elevate a mandatory business dinner for your guests.

From the Editor: Running a Restaurant cam be paper, rock, scissors

I know the foodservice industry is going through some challenging times right now and may not want to hear this, but I really don’t like paper straws.

Server Speak: Where Do You See Gratitude Being Practiced?

Industry Ink

Jasmine Weiser isn’t using herself as a storybook. Her considerable collection of tattoos started because she was dating a tattoo artist at the time.

Coffee Talk

Join Hospitality Minnesota at Stars of the Future to support ProStart high school students in a fun, interactive event Sunday, November 11, from 3-5 p.m. at The Living Room at the W Hotel in Minneapolis.

South Asian Weddings offer Occasions for Color and Bling

When preparing your budget for an Indian or Pakistani wedding, don’t forget to pencil in $10,000 for the elephant.

Culinary Curiosities: The Fanciful Tradition of the Wishbone

Families have enjoyed the wishbone tradition for generations, but the origins go back pretty far—more than 2,400 years—all the way to the Etruscan people who lived in what is now Tuscany.

Briefs: Tinucci Retires; Beard Foundation Innovates

The two St. Paul Colossal Cafes will remain open under the ownership of Elizabeth Tinucci, but her father, John Tinucci, officially retired.

St. Paul Roundup: City Tackles Minimum Wage for Teens and Disabled

In St. Paul’s move toward a $15 per hour minimum wage, much attention in the hospitality community is focused on tips and how those should be factored in.

Open Arms’ Cook-a-Thon was A’peeling

TEAMS had names like Go Fig or Go Home and Bok Choy Chop Joy and Surly Gives a Damn who cooked and packed 11,000 meals in 24 hours, all while raising more than $135,000 for Open Arms’ clients living with a life-threatening disease.

Institutional Dining: Casinos Deal With Big Food Orders

Aside from the well-known adage that “the house always wins,” if there’s one thing everybody knows about casinos it’s that the food is abundant, cheap and abundant.

Lessons in Profitability for Independents

As one of the last sessions of the day, Len Ghilani of the Ghilani Group knew restaurateurs were on overload, so he gave a pep talk.

New Products & Restaurant Openings

Trio, the vegan soul food restaurant from a trio of people, Sarah and Dan Woodcock and Louis Hunter, who came together through the Black Lives Matter movement, opened in Lyn/Lake, according to Eater.

Women Who Really Cook Celebrates 25 Years

WWRC has more than 200 members, such as Sara Bloms, who owns The Everyday Table and provides restaurant menu labeling and nutrient analysis services.

Operators Connect at Minnesota Hospitality Conference

“There’s an energy crisis in the workplace because we have violated human nature and that manifests in disengagement,” Ari Weinzweig told the audience at the Minnesota Hospitality Conference and Expo.

Commoties Report: Risk of Trade Deal has Declined

The 2018-19 grain crop harvest season is nearing its final stages, with the crops progressing under generally favorable conditions.

Buy the Numbers: Lat14 Adds Right Spice to Golden Valley

The Brand New Lat14 ASian Eatery has a prominent position in the Minneapolis suburb of Golden Valley, right on Highway 55.

Common Foodsense: Remember Your Cooks When Buying Equipment

I know you can find them with air curtains now, but when I was a kid, high-traffic walk-ins had plastic “strip curtains” hanging across the door.

Hangin’ With Klecko: An Interview with Baker Joe Dark

It’s not often I tell young people how to go about their business. Truth be told, each of us have to work out our own route, but recently it occurred to me that my success in the baking industry wasn’t by chance.

Faces+Places To Know: Publisher Experiences First of Many Firsts

As the new guy here at Foodservice News, I expect I will experience several “firsts” over the next several months.

Reinhart Delivers Seasonal Ideas at Fall Show

The distributor hosts regional shows to give those outside the metro an opportunity to check out products and take advantage of Reinhart’s expertise and resources.

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