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October 2016

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Current Issue

At Gandhi Mahal, a Basement Garden Feeds a Village

Ruhel Islam has set up what he believes is the first restaurant in the U.S. to grow its food in a basement aquaponic garden.

Finding Employees in Today’s On-demand Economy

When Jeanne Graves came to Del Taco in February 2014 as vice president of human resources, her priority was, as she put it, “to bring HR into the 21st century.”

New Ways to Grow the Farmer-Chef Connection

“It doesn’t matter how good your products are, if you don’t have buyers, you’re done,” said Rodrigo Cala, who with brother Juan Carlos owns Cala Farms in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin where they grow certified organic vegetables.

Server Speak: What will you miss most (or least) about working in the summer?

What will you miss most (or least) about working in the summer?

News and Noteworthy Around the Twin Cities

Calling Prima Restaurant in south Minneapolis a “true pioneer in the Twin Cities local food movement, and the local food movement all around the country for that matter,” Minnesota Farmers Union President Doug Peterson presented the Jon Radle Award to Prima owners Eliot King and Jennifer Jackson-King.

Culinary Q&A: Scott Mayer Talks Charlie Awards and Donuts

The founder and principal of sponsorship-marketing agency Mayer, Scott Mayer grew up in rural South Dakota and later came to Minneapolis where he fell in love with theater.

Chef’s Dish: Jillian Forte of At Sara’s Table

Being able to do something you love for a living is a gift. Being able to do something you love in beautiful places is like two gifts.

Culinary Curiosities: Back When Carhops Were the Only Delivery Service

In the upper Midwest, summer does indeed have all too short a lease. But, did you make time for the drive-in restaurant?

Women Chefs and Restaurateurs Expands With MN Chapter

Created in 1993 to promote the education and advancement of women in the restaurant and foodservice industry, Women Chefs and Restaurateurs is a “really powerful and useful” resource that also offers scholarships and business support.

Steve Horton’s Latest Venture Takes Grains to Hyper-local Level

The story of Baker’s Field Flour & Bread begins in the aptly named Food Building.

When Attracting Customers, There’s Nothing Trivial About Trivia

Wednesday nights at Prairie Tap House used to be slow. That was until the Eden Prairie restaurant added a trivia night to enliven its midweek activities.

With Its Liquor License Caps Gone, St. Paul Waits for Restaurants

A major change to St. Paul liquor license regulations in 2016 helped several restaurants that wanted to serve cocktails with meals.

Industry Pros Share Strategies Surrounding the Future of Food

It was a conversation about innovation and responding to the marketplace, so it was fitting that the panelists gathered September 13 in St. Paul jumped as quickly from one topic to another like diners to the next hot restaurant.

Operations Are the Focus, Not Games, at Arcade/Bar Up-Down

The desire for entertainment, nostalgia—and adult beverages—has given rise to a new generation of gaming-focused bar and restaurant concepts that bring in gobs of money for operators.

MRA Report: $15 Minimum Wage Debate Continues in Minneapolis

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled on August 31 that the proposed charter amendment to set the minimum wage in Minneapolis at $15 would not be on the November ballot.

Commodities Report: USDA Forecasts Strong Crop Yields

Grain farmer margins fell to multi-year lows in 2015, which was anticipated to lead to smaller grain crops this year.

Buy the Numbers: Mucci’s and Its Modern-day Business Plan

Even though I am not a food critic, the food at Mucci's certainly reflects what Minnesotans and discerning St. Paul residents appreciate on their plate.

Common Foodsense: A Shift in Management Speak

I have been reading lately about expanding leadership consciousness and intentional workplace cultures and new management paradigms and speaking your truth and surfing the waves of change, and as a precaution I’m reaching for my heart medicine.

Hangin’ With Klecko: Brake Bread’s Rising Talent

Thomas Wolfe once claimed that you can’t go home again, and I couldn’t agree more. However, sometimes you can go half a block away.

People to Know and Places to Go

Pinto’s start in restaurants came at an early age. “I started at 12 washing dishes in my dad’s restaurant, then years later owned the Acme Cafe in Uptown followed by some years as GM at J.D. Hoyts and Loon Cafe.”

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