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Server Speak: Who Is Your Favorite Regular

Patrick Wellin
Position: Server
Years in the industry: 3


It’s difficult to say who my favorite regular is
individually, but if I had to say my favorite
clientele are the Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking
regulars. It’s really cool to get exposure to and hear
the exchange of languages in the place.

Jose Diaz
Position: Cook
Years in the industry: 15
Slice of New York

I don’t know his name ... he always comes here and
orders the meat lovers stromboli but he is always
positive and is friendly to everyone working.

 Shawn Person
Position: Owner
Years in the industry: 23
Roundtable Coffee Works
St. Paul

A big part of working a coffee shop is half of your
customers are regulars ... but there is one guy who
comes in who I see a lot of myself in. They are
subdued and pleasant and so we get along pretty
well. Then again, I know another customer who
comes in and they are very different from me—they
are very talkative and engaging and help me out in
starting my day. I think there is something really special
in serving customers who are able to help you out in a way.

 Bee Grahm
Position: Head barista
Years in the industry: 6
Bob’s Java Hut 

Samir. He always orders a quad shot. Ask anyone here
and they will probably also say that he is their favorite
regular. He comes here every day and is just the most
enthusiastic person. He is from Lebanon and moved
here 20 years ago—sometimes he’ll come in with a
bunch of vintage clothes and will just give them away
to people working.

Taylor Donnelly
Position: Barista
Years in the industry: 5
Maeve’s Cafe 

Sarah. She’s my favorite regular—her daughter goes
to school across the street so she comes in every
morning and is always so happy and upbeat.
She really takes care of everyone and is always in such a good mood that she puts everyone else in a good mood. 


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