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September 2016

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Current Issue

Pizza Lucé Credits Authentic Staff in Its Continued Growth

It was an interview about jobs, not a job interview, but by the time I left Pizza Lucé’s downtown Minneapolis location, I wanted to work there.

Two Risks Keep No-tipping Policies a Tricky Prospect

When he first made big news by abolishing tips at his flagship restaurant, NYC restaurateur Danny Meyer said, “The American system of tipping is awkward for all parties involved.”

Casinos Bet On Dining to Draw New Gamers

Not wanting their slot machine seats and keno lounges empty for long, casinos kept their meal options limited to cheap steaks and vats of mashed potatoes, with people herded through rather than encouraged to linger and enjoy.

Embrace Employee Ink and Make Authenticity Part of the Culture

Pizza Lucé CEO JJ Haywood once described her employees to me as "fiercely individualistic." "They don't want to be told who to be," she continued, "and that's actually a great asset.

Server Speak: What’s the Strangest Thing a Customer Has Asked?

What’s the Strangest Thing a Customer Has Asked?

News and Noteworthy Around the Twin Cities

News from around the Twin Cities

Industry Ink: Eastside’s Frankie Matherne

I was bummed that on the day I chose to have brunch at Minneapolis' Eastside, hostess Frankie Matherne, 28, wore pants.

Chef’s Dish: Luke Kyle of Draft Horse

When your restaurant is located in a place called the Food Building and its motto is “farmed near, made here,” local sourcing is the name of the game.

Culinary Curiosities: From Sap to Modern-day Chewing Gum

The only place for chewing gum might be on the way out the door, to freshen one's breath.

New Overtime Rules Mean Restaurant Owners Should Prepare Now

Though the appeal of procrastination looms large, so too does the December 1 effective date for new overtime rules that will likely change the way restaurant owners pay their employees.

Why Social Media Policies Are a Must for Restaurants

Employers don’t necessarily have the right to fire workers for social media postings involving the restaurant, as Chipotle found out earlier this year when an administrative judge ruled the chain’s social media policy violated federal labor laws.

World of Beer Aims to Capitalize On Rise of National Breweries

In 2011 Minnesota passed the Taproom Bill, allowing breweries to sell beer onsite and fueling the growth of a local industry that’s ballooned from fewer than 30 in-state breweries to more than 100 in just five years.

At Target Field, Local Vendors Benefit From Boost in Visibility

When Target Field opened in 2010, fans noticed far more than the grandiose views and crack-of-the-bat soundtrack.

Communication Is Key When Linking Farmers With Restaurants

Talking about the farmer-chef connection, Birchwood Café’s executive chef said it comes down to relationships and then being able to communicate to customers the importance of local farmers’ contributions.

Public-Private Restaurant Partnerships Bring Benefits and Challenges

Veteran restaurant and food truck operators are setting up shop in publicly owned Minnesota spaces, enhancing the experience and bringing flavorful menus to park buildings and golf courses.

Toby Tournament Supports Next Wave of Hospitality Students

MN School Nutrition Puts Focus on Professional Development

People in school nutrition ARE lucky, explained Julie Powers. Instead of viewing other school districts as competitors, the way restaurants often view one another, this segment of the foodservice industry is all about sharing.

MRA Report: Menu Trend Talk and More at Hospitality Expo

The 2016 Minnesota Hospitality Conference and Expo is Thursday, September 22, at the St. Paul RiverCentre.

Commodities Report: Outputs Increase as Margins Improve

The commodity markets have generally remained favorable for buyers during the last month, led by historically low grain and oilseed prices.

Buy the Numbers: How Restaurant Financing Gets Done

In the 18 months I’ve written this column, I’ve reviewed approximately 15 new restaurants, so I thought it would be a good time to reflect back and discuss how they found the money to open.

Common Foodsense: Running From the Tax Monster

Paranoia is a customary part of being in business, and in general it’s quite a reasonable response to the universe.

Hangin’ With Klecko: Bakers, Bees and Social Enterprise

Keith Seiz is not only the linchpin at the National Honey Board, but he’s also the nexus, or better yet, the go-to resource for our nation’s top bakers and beverage manufacturers.

People to Know and Places to Go

As the volume and variety of dining choices continues climbing and the bar continues rising, I’ve seen more renovations, remodels and re-imaginings throughout the year.

ACF News

Minneapolis ACF news

Foodservice Events Calendar

September calendar of events
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