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September 2017

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A Toast to Meritage’s 10 Years in St. Paul

When Russell Klein laps the dining room of his iconic St. Paul French brasserie and oyster bar, Meritage, to check on his guests, it’s inevitable that someone will stop him to gush, “This is my favorite restaurant,” to which he often replies dryly, “Sometimes it’s mine, too.”

Server Speak: When Work and School Worlds Collide

When Work and School Worlds Collide

Summertime Is When the Reporting is Easy

Every profession has its share of odd requests. As a journalist I get press releases that illicit a response that ranges from “YES, Yes, yes” to “OK, that’s useful” to “really?“

News: Circus Comes To Town

Upstairs Circus brings new meaning to the phrase “craft cocktail.”

Industry Ink

Reed Allen Evavold is part of the four-chef dance at Tenant, a great new dining experience in the old Piccolo location.

Shake Up at Schools and Other News

Well, this may be small potatoes in the big scheme of adolescent life, but for students at Eastern Carver County Schools, personalizing their food is just another way the district is “personalizing learnings.”

How to Draw an Artist out

We were so enamored Artist Lisa Troutman's style that we asked her to draw her answers to a Q&A we usually receive written answers to.

Culinary Curiosities: The Origin of the Sandwich

Sandwiches are a staple of modern American life. Whether it’s an egg McMuffin for breakfast, tuna salad for lunch or a hot French Dip for dinner, most of us will eat at least one (or maybe more) a day.

Touring the MSP Airport’s New Eateries

Just like a neighborhood restaurant should reflect its neighborhood, an airport should reflect its city’s cuisine—or cities in the case of MSP airport.

Stickney Hill Farms Gears Up Production With New Facility

The label says Stickney Hill Dairy, but the goats, who at one time were the local supplier, no longer hang around waiting to be called into duty.

Chef’s Dish: Keven Kvalsten at FireLake Grill

Keven Kvalsten went to France to pursue professional bike racing, and returned with a passion for French cooking.

Workplace Diversity: Inclusive Policies Help Retention

Restaurants, and especially kitchens, have had the reputation of being sexist places, but that's changing.

Surly Case Challenges Tip Pooling Mandate

A key decision in a case involving tip pooling returns to Hennepin County District Court this fall, after a judge ruled in favor in July of a former employee who filed a lawsuit against Surly Brewing Company.

Delivering for Charlie’s Charity of Record, Open Arms

I am not the typical driver for a meal-delivery system, but I do have two of the primary skill sets: I have a reliable car and a good attitude. The downside is that I'm directionally challenged.

The Wrap-up of This Year’s Toby Tournament

Toby Landgraf is remembered for his passion and commitment to education, and the event that bears his name continued that legacy August 14 during the 32nd annual Toby Tournament.

Reinhart Showcases Top Products at Canterbury Event

With views of the racetrack at Canterbury Park, Reinhart Foodservice customers snacked on Boursin cheese-stuffed mushrooms, Bavarian pretzels from Milwaukee Pretzel Company.

MRA Report: There’s Still Time to Sign Up for 2017 Conference

Hopefully you’ve already added October 5 to your calendar as the date for the 2017 Hospitality Conference and Expo at RiverCentre in St. Paul.

Commodities Report: There’s Enough Chicken for Every Pot

We are entering the final months of the 2017-18 major crop season with numerous challenges developing.

Buy the Numbers: Bar Brigade gives St. Kate’s Neighborhood a Gem

The Twin Cities has had hit after hit of solid neighborhood restaurants by good chefs, and I believe Bar Brigade will be yet another of those hits for St. Paul.

Common Foodsense: Restaurants Are Homes Away From Home

There are worse ways to spend your life than slaving over a hot stove. My first job out of high school was at East Coast Ice Cream, stacking boxes in a three-acre warehouse at 27 degrees below zero.

Hangin’ with Klecko: Executive Chef David Perez at Black Dog Lowertown

If you aren’t familiar with Chef David Perez, you should be, because he’s trending hard in the Capital City.

People to Know and Places to Go

On July 25, Comcast Business brought Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine to Cooks of Crocus Hill in St. Paul.

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