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Server Speak: Are You Waiting for Your Big Break in the Arts?

Gabriel Carlson
Butcher and Baker
8 years
Lowry Hill Meats, Minneapolis

I re-handle and restore knives. I also do some 
leatherwork to make knife sheaths. I get the material
from a local cowboy shop in Minneapolis. I’ve also experimented with wood burning to make etchings
into wood. For the most part I have been restoring
old knives and doing handle work here and for my
friends, but like to explore expanding in the future.
(You can see Gabriel’s work on some of the knives
used by workers at Lowry Hill Meats) 

Kristina Bassler
3 years
Groundswell, St. Paul

Nothing now. But, this spring I will be starting
school at the Aveda (beauty) Institute. I am going
to be studying and training to become a cosmetologist.

Kat Combs
6 years
Haskell’s Wine Bar, Minneapolis

I quit my office job a while ago, and am now a Thai
massage therapist and Ayurveda wellness counselor.
Ayurveda wellness uses food and diet as a means to
care for afflictions. I am also graduating from a yoga
teacher training. For myself, I practice Hatha yoga.

Corin Turkowitch
Cashier/Front of House
2 years
Rise Bagel Co., Minneapolis

I’m involved in the magical arts. I am an herbalist
and read tarot cards. Right now I have a residency
at Healing Elements. I also am a poet.

Brooke Schounard
6 years
Workhorse Coffee, St. Paul

I wouldn’t say I am as involved in the arts, but I
would say that I am an active supporter. I like to
support the local music scene. We have a lot of local
artists showcased here in the coffee shop and I get the
chance to be at their opening receptions. We also have
the Smallest Museum of Saint Paul (a vintage fire-hose cabinet that hosts a rotation of different projects inspiring
public engagement) right outside our door. Our owners
are really invested in the community and the arts, which is inspiring for my own involvement in that sphere. For
myself, I would one day like to create a program to
provide at-risk or homeless teens with skills necessary to
work at a coffee shop. This can build confidence,
create options and help them gain entry into the coffee
industry, which can have a lot of elitism. There is an organization near by that offers help to homeless and
at-risk queer teens. I think I would be most interested in working with them.


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