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Shea Design Celebrates 40 Years in Style

With a little help from its friends, Shea Design celebrated 40 years with heavy hors d’oeuvres and heavy-weight clients. We counted spreads from at least three clients at the anniversary celebration at the stardesigner to the restaurants’ anniversary party on April 26: Mercy, Yum and Patisserie 46 (Rose Street Patisserie). 

In the 40 years since David Shea started the company, Shea Design has grown from four employees to 50. Projects, both local and national, include graphics, interiors, architecture, production and marketing.  His client list reads as a who’s who of the Twin Cities restaurant scene, including Spoon and Stable, Octo, Butcher and the Boar and World Street Kitchen, plus the well-known national brand, Disneyland. 

Since the party was held just outside employees’ cubes, everyone’s computer screensaver was the party’s logo. A few temporary signs included some of Shea’s favorite advice, such as “Look up; Look around.” And there was lots of sparkling wine on ice. 


Here’s the celebration in a few pictures:

Shea’s logo is constructed from the
letters left behind by their previous
tenant Snyder’s drug stores. The “a”
had to be substituted in a different font
because unfortunately there’s no “a”
in Synder’s. Foodie philanthropist,
Sue Zelickson, a former Synder, is the
landlord, along with her husband Dr. Al Zelickson. 
The rock sculpture outside Shea’s
offices on South 8thStreet was enhanced
for the party with a mimicking balloon
Principal Tanya Spaulding greeted guests
downstairs with a glass of champagne.
While David Shea stood at the top of
the stairs to accept the congratulations
and direct people to the lavish spread of
food and beverages.
Just one of Shea’s nearly 8,000 projects
around the globe, Mercy’s Chef Mike Rakun
was onsite to help serve and celebrate. 
Just a small sampling of awards displayed
in Shea’s office


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