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Don't Miss the Delivery Boat

We’re only months—OK, a few years at most—away from drone delivery of everything from toilet paper to cheeseburgers, but many franchise brands are seemingly missing out on the wave of restaurant delivery companies like BiteSquad, DoorDash, GrubHub and Seamless.

As a frequent customer and enthusiastic lover of these lazy-consumer services at home and on the road, let me offer a few personal anecdotes to prove my point.

From my home in Northeast Minneapolis, just a few minutes outside of downtown, we use BiteSquad for restaurant home delivery. Ten years, pre-BiteSquad our options were crappy Chinese and (mostly) boring pizza. Now, pages upon pages of restaurants load when I plug my address into the site. This present-day future is amazing! 

For a nominal fee—usually $5 to $7—my couch has direct access to authentic Thai food, wings, Vietnamese fusion, excellent tacos, burgers, Korean food, really good pizza, Middle Eastern gyros and wraps, Chinese stir-fry, handmade ice cream and Irish bangers and mash—that’s naming a few. What’s missing? All the excellent franchised restaurants in my area.

 Of all the countless restaurants available for delivery in my ‘hood, the only two that are franchised is the former Rusty Taco, now known as R Taco, and Noodles & Company. There are many more that should be on this bandwagon. 

What’s wrong with this picture? Why would so many restaurants miss out on a growing trend that’s not exactly breaking news here in late 2015. As my habits encrust around a few favorites: Mac’s Industrial, Karta Thai and El Taco Riendo—local Minneapolis joints—there is no reason I wouldn’t include more national brands in my house’s lazy-day culinary roster.

Perhaps my neighborhood is an outlier, but I’ve had similar experiences traveling in New York, Texas or California, for example. I also know from interviews that Domino’s and Taco Bell have their delivery game more than covered now and in the future.

There’s no doubt it’s an added expense and hassle to set up service with a local delivery provider, but this is a trend that cannot be stopped, not if my wallet has anything to say about it. 

How are Twin Cities restaurants such as Hell’s Kitchen, Mozza Mia and Chino Latino using Bite Squad to boost revenue? Read more here.

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