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Minneapolis Chefs Go Loaf-to-Loaf for Food Charity

Great Sandwich Face Off competitors (left to right) Chris Ikeda, chef/owner of Lake & Irving; Bradstreet chef Blake Meier; Rachel Bonhus, chef at Bryant-Lake Bowl; TJ Rawitzer, chef at Third Bird.

Armed with their best gourmet sandwich, four Minneapolis restaurants will face off next week to raise money for food bank Second Harvest Heartland.

The Great Sandwich Face Off, devised by Bradstreet Neighborhood Craftshouse and chef Blake Meier, starts February 15, with Bradstreet taking on Bryant-Lake Bowl, Third Bird and Lake & Irving to see which restaurant can sell the most of their nominated sandwich by February 20. A percentage of each sandwich sold goes to Second Harvest.

Let’s meet the competitors: Bradstreet’s Asian lobster roll, Bryant-Lake Bowl’s Cubano, Third Bird’s prosciutto Americana, and Lake & Irving’s buttermilk chicken.

“I think we’ve got a good shot,” says Meier, who worked with Bradstreet management to devise the challenge and invite other neighborhood restaurants with their own strong sandwich menus.

After relocating to Minneapolis’ Lowry Hill last summer, Meier says Bradstreet has found its new identity in a neighborhood where “people really like sandwiches.”

“And I happen to be really good at making sandwiches,” he says. “This is the perfect opportunity to add the Asian lobster roll to the menu and do the challenge to help out Second Harvest.”

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