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Ask The Expert Online Edition

Our question: What kind of liability do restaurateurs have if someone comes down with the coronavirus after dining at their restaurant? Or an employee is infected by another employee? Would this be covered by their current insurance policy? If not, should they alter their policies to reflect this kind of coverage? Here's how Kim Brown of KLB Insurance answered it.

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Round-up: Lots of Best Practices and One Bad Idea

Here's the latest round-up of COVID-19-related news, including videos of notable Twin Cities restaurateurs telling their stories to lawmakers and taking your biscuits on the road.


Hand Scanners and Social Distancing Apps at Work

As states and companies begin to reopen and employees head back to work, brands are coming up with creative solutions to safety issues, including PathSpot, which scans hands to make sure they’ve been washed properly. New York-based consulting firm From, The Digital Transformation Agency, has developed a social distancing app that alerts employees if they’re within six feet of each other.


Is Now the Time to Eliminate Tipping?

Like it or not, the coronavirus has offered restaurants a reset button. And some local restaurateurs are considering taking advantage of this opportunity to eliminate tipping and go to a flat administrative service charge which benefit both front- and back-of-the-house employees.​ For more on this subject, check out our June/July issue.

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Restaurant Stats and Advocating for Parking Lot Dining

We all know that restaurant sales plummeted in April, but the trend is starting to reverse itself—slowly. And it all depends on getting dining rooms open and flexibility by local municipalities.